Saturday, April 13, 2019

VAS 5054a ODIS 4.3.3 Free download and Install FAQs

Free download VAG Diagnostic software ODIS 4.3.3 with Postsetup and Full License and Launcher.


Launcher+ License:


Note for users who have clone version of VAS 5054a:
These links are from the forum of, not sure the risk about them.
Brands: support most VAG car models: VW, AUDI, SKODA, SEAT
Languages: English/Japanese/Portuguese/Romanian/Korean/Dutch/Polish/Turkish/
Czech/Russian/Greek/ChineseVAS 5054a
  1. This new version only can be installed on Win7 system.
  2. There are two ways to select a
    One is automatically identified by system, if your system language is English,then your ODIS software language is also English.
    The other way is you select language when you install the software, but it must be the same in these two places.


Someone to already try ODIS 4.3.3 with passthru AVDI?

I tested a clone 5054a with version 4.3.3, result: at the start of the program a  warning message warns you that “the radio head is not authentic”( I do not remember exactly). So under odis 4.3.3, the clone vas5054a are blacklisted. It’s better to stay in 4.2.3 or find an original vas5054a.

Does ODIS 4.3.3 work with VAS heads and passthru interface?

This version has same level of D-PDU as ODIS-E 8.1.3. All proper vas heads with AMB2300 genuine with work as a charm, same as all passthru interfaces supported.

Can ODIS 4.3.3 work well with VAS 5054a?

Bad clones of VAS 5054a cannot work well with this version. Even those that works with 4.2.3. For bad clones just need to downgrade PDU from 042 to 041.

Are there clones that work on 4.3.3?

Yes, clones work on 4.3.3 with PDU 041. But mot working with PDU 042.

Im still using the 4.2.3 in a VM with clone VAS 505A. This soft needs an generated key depending on the PC.

I also installed 4.3.3 in a VM, downgrades the EDIC-D- PDU-API-1.20.41 for the clone VAS 5054a. I’m preparing for a mechanic friend and will try it out soon at some cars. If this 4.3.3 runs without key, why the former 4.2.3 was with a hardware key? Or is there any other restrictions for using?

ODIS 4.2.3 was protected with Enigma software so that it needed activation key to load program(IMMO). But ODIS 4.3.3 software was provided by Mr totalfree with no such restrictions.
The reason for the restriction is to stop sellers who come to forums, download and sell dollars sadly.

I tried to download postsetup using megadownloader software to avoid message“bandwidth limit exceeded, but I have the message anyway after download.
So sad! What can I do to download postsetup?

Don’t worry. You need to reboot your router(to possibly change internet address), then wait, after that ,pay for Mega account.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Free download VAS5054A ODIS 4.4.10 Software

Free download ODIS 4.4.10 software for VAS 5054A :

password: slapgl
security: tested successfully by engineers.
operating system: windows 7 - tested!
compatibility: odis 4.4.10 isonfirmed to work with vas 5054a clone and vxdiag vcx nano 5054 .
(vas5054a is able to do flashing, and works with odis engineering - vxdiag cannot work... but vxdiag firmware can be updated while 5054a cannot....)
odis 4.4.10 install:
  1. Install Odis only WIN 7 32 or WIN 7 64
! ! ! ! Do not restart at the end ! ! !
  1. Copy +Paste OffboardDiagLauncher.exe to “Program Files (X86) > Offboard_Diagnostic_Information_System”
3 .Copy “ “ to “Program Files (X86) > Offboard_Diagnostic_Information_System\plugins”
  1. For Win 7 32 . Extract “Odis 4.4.10 Program x86.rar “ to ! ! ! “PROGRAM FILES (X86)” ! ! !
  2. For Win 7 64 . Extract “Odis 4.4.10 Program x86.rar “ to ! ! ! “PROGRAM FILES (X86)” ! ! ! AND Extract “Odis 4.4.10 Prgram Files.rar “ to ProgramData
  4. Do not start Odis
  5. Start > Edic Conf. Manager with USB and with Bluetooth
  6. Is detected 5054 start odis
Credits to pilic from
odis service vs odis engineering:
ODIS-S= VAG new diagnostic software
ODIS-E= VAG diagnostic+ flashing software
ODIS Service is the "new" official diagnostic tool. It's java based and is able to do also any diagnostic service supposed to be done in repair shops. Most of them of course online. And it also features guided reps (so did VAS PC).


It is the engineering version of ODIS-S. It features direct access to the platform projects, direct access to the ECU, and direct access to its diagnostic functions. If you exactly know what you are doing this is best solution.
As the title it is usually only available and used for engineering purposes. But that does not mean the tool is more powerful than ODIS-S:
It does not bypass any ECU functions or contains security codes or something.
Only benefit is probably that you can see some functions and coding with text. It's just a better usability and strictly access to diagnostic functions.

On a side note, you can install both ODIS and ODIS-E together on one PC.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

VAS5054A ODIS on Windows 10 64 bit system Installation

Possible to install VAS5054A ODIS on Windows 10 64 bit system?

Replied by a fellow at the mhh forum:

i don´t know if ODIS works on win10 because i never test it, but i did test the VAS5054 64bit PASSTHRU
drivers on win10 PRO, and as the picture show, it is working and was detected by ForScan.

If ODIS install on Windows 10 than it will also work with the 5054 together with this drivers as a PassThru interface.

Some people report error installing this drivers on win10, for me they install and are working,
maybe different versions of win10 (or after updates) give that errors.

One more update, ODIS 5.0.3 on same Win10 64bit with Vas5054 as PassThru,
the 64bit drivers are the ones on this thread.

I try just to see if works, but i don´t advise as win10 give many error at start, and also
i have to make several attempts to finally see it open with no mistakes or error.

This way you can use 64bit Windows (Win 7 is the best) to install ODIS,
and still be able to use your old and "fantastic" Vas5054 interface as PassThru.

Attach odis release notes:

Sunday, February 17, 2019

How to config d-pdu api to use vas5054a in Windows 10?

Is there a way to use chinese VAS 5054 on Windows 10 machine?
This is how to configure d-pdu api to use vas5054a in Windows 10

I believe you need to registry edit driver settings for 64 bit support. For win10 I dont think you can because either x32 and x64 are not supported. I have a second ssd with win 7 x32  (small factor) for just odis  but laptop has to be supported by drivers, newer laptops don't support windows 7, just windows 10.
Maybe 8,.2.3 supports win10. Is it with pdu api 1.20.42?? Dont have it so I cannot test it.
This is for your information.
The best is to install vas5054a in Windows 7 or use a virtual machine.
look here:

odis engineering windows 7 - works perfectly

odis service windows 7 - works good

Friday, February 8, 2019

ODIS-S 5.0.4 ODIS-E 9.0.4 Download Free: No Need Keygen

Here is the latest ODIS S 5.0.4 and ODIS E 9.0.4 download link for you guys with VAS 5054A heads and the like.

Free download ODIS Service 5.0.4:!gDA2AQBa!F5N-2XtHqMC-jdS9pLCHjRbKGj3MEpXb5kN_bp2sPrE

Free download ODIS Engineering 9.0.4:!MCRAzQLa!NrIwnu2PEs1oqvmVTVscRYRMj_m7KVC0FZtaB7QCjtc

Tip: ODIS S 5.0.4 ODIS E 9.0.4 is newest but not tested yet.

If you want diagnosis with relief, ODIS S 4.4.1 and ODIS E 6.7.5

ODIS S 4.4.1:100% tested

ODIS E 6.7.5:100% tested

FAQs: ODIS S 5.0.4 and ODIS E 9.0.4

Q: Expiry date?

A: Year 2030

Q: it is written that keygen is missing. Can you give any install manual for making this version of ODIS-E work and why do we need files, such as "Windows Update", "VAS5054 сборка" and "Vehicle Mapping"?

A: There is no need for keygen. Download it using Utorrent and everything is there. Some files are no need just incase some user never did update on there PC. So, they might need that.

Q: can any one tel me the steps for instalation?

A: you can google it or youtube it.

Q: what version of postsetup ODIS Engineering 9.0.4? and ODIS-Service 5.0.4 ?

A: once you download it u can see the postsetup version there.

Q: why do we need files, such as "Vehicle Mapping"?

A: This is most wanted file for Odis-E. It shows what project to choose for current car.

Q: the soft installs well, the problem I have when wanting to open the program is ODS9031E infrastructure. Online connection VW. Mirror server 2

A: If this happens during installation of post setup, try to choose English US.

Q: for what brands is this??? include bentley, bugatti, lamborghini???

A: For all 9x brands........

Q: Anybody else got the antivirus notification




inside of:


\03. Launcer+license+plugins 5.0.4.rar->Launcer+license+plugins 5.0.4\OffboardDiagLauncher.exe

Q: Install for Odis E worked like a charm, but did anybody else experienced that the postsetup for Odis S takes ages and ages?

A: Odis-E always takes around 5-10 mins to installed the postsetup but the Odis-S takes always around 30-40 mins (for all the brands).........
Odis-E is fast because using only the basic simply diagnostics GFS (guided functions) since other is his role............

Q: The postsetup file seems very small compared to earlier versions of ODIS(E). Is it complete?

A: It is smaller because is the correct one and not like all the other and modded/home made with craps.........
The Odis-E PS always was maximum 800mb..........

Q: How does the odis HW ID work. if I start it, nothing happens.

A: Actually when you start HW ID this app makes special code which helps to create a correct license.dat file.
You just need to start this file to load all nessessary info into clipboard.

Q: I get an error message in ODIS E:
"Error reading the license file. Could not parse certificate Empty input
This license is invalid"

A: You not applied (replaced) the required cracked files or if you made this then you using bad license file........

Q: Can I install it on the WIN10 system?

A: need luck if with a clone vas 5054. most said No, but i installed under win 10 x64 with clone 5054 and everything working fine, im just use another PID

Q: An error with one of the software components was detected. The ODIS Service installation will be removed again. Uninstalling the vehicle connection (VW MCD, PDU, API) will be attempted first. This may take several minutes.

A: Unistall all the microsoft VC++ and then start your installation.........
So now you must uninstall the half's that installed and then to restart your installation.........

Q: where to put ODX files?

A: If you did not add any projects with copy paste or unzip to folder C:\ODIS-DIAG-MODULES-ENGIN\MCD-PROJECTS-Engineering\DSVR-ProdiMCD, you can add it easy.if you have ultra iso app ,mount project iso file to virtual cd every car mark folder you see many zip files with projects and one odx index file.Start engineering launcher. go to the directory what you see in picture:

and press select button and select your virtual Cd rom directory what you have. And select folder and odx file in your folder what you need ...Its like adress to directory with project zip files..and application understand where it can update odx files. then press save button.and go to configuration, you can see it right side in the picture. then press odx update button, you will see open new window with list with projects then press start.It is update and restart the program and its done.

Q: anyone have problem with 2 different language?

A: During my recent work on a Skoda Rapid, after scanning and going into GFF, the language changed from English to Deutsche. However, the ODIS version was 4.3 so maybe even in this version, some special function still are in the original language.

the problem is for the beginning with the installation.. if you don't select nothink on language, it select automaticly german language.. I installed again and select English Gb and is working fine!

Images: ODIS S 5.0.4 and ODIS E 9.0.4

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Free download & install VAS5054A odis 5.0.3

You can find here full odis 5.0.3 No need for any key and it's full with full language pack, it can work with vas5054 clone.

(Audi, VW Passenger and Commercial, Skoda, Seat, Bentley, Lamborghini, Bughatti , Man Trucks)

Please use 7zip so you can extract the files without any errors Wink


link connect online with Geko Online Certificate China :


Step 1
Install Setup + license and reboot

Step 2
Do not run ODIS
Replace files ( Launcher )
and change Softing 1.20.42
C:\Program Files (x86)\Softing
C:\Program Files\softing
Step 3
Run Odis and install PostSetup

the best online with CPN .

Attach images:

This is best quality of VAS 5054A with OKI chip:


Crack ODIS 4.41: is testing, the results will be soon out.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

VAS 5054A Infineon 32F40F vs. 16F40F: 32F40F Faster!

I have both on 2 different vas 5054a heads, with different QC Mark labels on infineon. One vas5054a comes with 32F40F the other vas5054a comes with 16F40F.

On-Chip Memory Modules – 2 Kbytes On-Chip Dual-Port RAM (DPRAM) – 4 Kbytes On-Chip Data SRAM (DSRAM) – 6 Kbytes On-Chip Program/Data SRAM (PSRAM) – 256 Kbytes On-Chip Program Memory (Flash Memory)

On-Chip Memory Modules – 2 Kbytes On-Chip Dual-Port RAM (DPRAM) – 4 Kbytes On-Chip Data SRAM (DSRAM) – 2 Kbytes On-Chip Program/Data SRAM (PSRAM) – 128 Kbytes On-Chip Program Memory (Flash Memory)

16F40F on original VAS5054a

32F40F on good Vas5054a china clone


16F40 should be ok. Just be carefull if it’s not 16F20, which runs at 20Mhz.

But 16F40F is slower than 32F40F.